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Ottoman vs. Coffee Table: Which Is Right for Your Home?

Ottoman vs. Coffee Table: Which Is Right for Your Home?

When designing a living room, picking out couches, chairs, and lighting options can lead to some difficult decisions. However, one of the hardest choices is whether you should go with an ottoman or coffee table in the middle of the room. There are many pros and cons for each. In this post, we’ll help you figure out if an ottoman or coffee table is the right fit for your home.


The most noticeable difference between coffee tables and ottomans, other than how they look, is their functionality. Coffee tables are more focused on holding items and providing storage. Many contain drawers or cabinets that you can put items in, but at the very least, they will have one or two shelves for setting drinks, food, and display items on.

Ottomans are best used as comfy footrests. While some of the flatter designs allow you to put display items on top, most of them are best with nothing on them. This is because many of them can open up from the top to store larger items.

Maintenance Needs

When it comes to maintenance, ottomans are much harder to take care of. Since the exteriors are primarily made of fabric, you will need specialty cleaners when the time comes to wipe them down. As for coffee tables, any household cleaner will work since most are made of wood, metal, or glass.

When it comes to damages, ottomans can also be a bit trickier to fix. They have many internal components that will be difficult to get to. On the other hand, coffee tables are usually pretty open, which makes repairing or replacing a broken part much simpler.

Style Types

One thing that makes many people gravitate toward coffee tables is that they can work with almost any style. Due to the wide variety of shapes and materials used, they can fit almost anywhere.

The problem with fitting in is they don’t stand out. That’s what makes ottomans so unique. They can use standout colors and fabrics to become more of a statement piece. More and more people have started to notice this over the years, increasing the popularity of ottomans.


Fortunately, when it comes to cost, there’s not a huge difference between these two choices. However, since ottomans are a bit classier, they can get quite expensive. That’s why you should make sure you find an affordable ottoman from a trusted retailer that won’t try to upsell you.

In the end, there’s no definitive answer as to whether an ottoman or coffee table is a better fit for your home. It really comes down to personal preference. We hope that our insights on these two pieces of furniture will make it easier for you to decide which one you want.

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