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5 Nightstand Essentials for Every Bedroom

5 Nightstand Essentials for Every Bedroom

While the bed is arguably the most important part of a bedroom, the nightstand comes in at a close second. Without it, you wouldn’t have an area to place your things. Of course, you can use nightstands as much more than a convenient phone holder. Here are some essential nightstand items every bedroom needs.

Alarm Clock

A good starting point for any nightstand is a decent alarm clock. While many people opt to use their phones for this purpose these days, having a clock to easily check the time is beneficial. After all, you don’t want to turn on your bright phone at night to see how late it is. While some alarm clocks can also be bright, many have settings that allow you to control the light intensity.

Bedside Lamp

Regardless of what your lighting situation is in your room, a bedside lamp can be very useful. If you want dimmed light but don’t want to use your ceiling lights late at night, a well-positioned lamp can do you some good. You can use it for some nighttime reading or to brighten the room while watching a bit of TV before bed. Either way, a lamp is a must-buy for your nightstand.

Drawer Organizer

More often than not, your bedside table will have a drawer or two. If not, you should really find yourself an affordable nightstand that has one. These drawers are the perfect place to store items you might need throughout the night. However, digging through these drawers to find what you need can be a hassle. That’s why you need a drawer organizer that can section off the space to more easily find what you’re looking for, whether books, pens, or reading glasses.

Coaster Set

If you like to have water at your bedside throughout the night, a nightstand will make it easier to reach your beverage. However, you won’t want to ruin the wood surface over time, so you’ll want to use a coaster for your bedside drinks. Having a small stack of these on your nightstand will protect the table from unsightly damage.

Lap Tray

The final nightstand essential you should have for your bedroom is a decent-sized lap tray. These tools are perfect for organizing all the items you keep on top of your bedside table. Plus, if you want to move it onto your bed for easy access or your lap for a nighttime snack, you can easily do so. There’s a reason why these trays have become a popular styling choice among interior designers.

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