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Key Things To Consider When Buying an End Table

Key Things To Consider When Buying an End Table

The end table is a piece of furniture you really can’t do without in your living room. Depending on the size and layout of your space, you might even need multiple of them, but every room should have at least one. If you don’t have an end table yet, here are some things to consider when buying one. By noting these factors, you can make sure the furniture you choose fits your current living room design perfectly.

Decide on a Shape

When it comes to end tables, there are two main shapes to choose from: a circle and a square. While you might find the occasional triangular table, these usually aren’t the best choice due to their awkward shape.

When choosing between a square and a circle, though, it will mainly come down to personal preference. However, there will be one key thing to keep in mind in both scenarios. Generally, square end tables are better for table space, while circular versions are easier to maneuver around. Keep in mind that couches and chairs won’t have to meet a circle table at a specific angle. You can place them in a way that fits the flow of your room without your end table looking out of place.

Pick Out a Style

Of course, the best way to make your new end table look right at home is to pick out a style that matches your current décor. Obviously, a lot goes into what determines an end table’s style. The materials and colors used heavily influence it, but a lot of determining a table’s style comes down to how it’s all put together. Some end tables have a more rustic look, while others that use the same colors and materials can look much more modern.

The fun thing about end tables, though, is that they don’t have to 100 percent match the theme of your living room. You can use this furniture as an accent piece if you so choose. You’ll just want to ensure it still flows with your current room design before deciding on a piece.

Find the Right Size

When picking out your new end table, the final thing to consider is its size. Do you want something that has a lot of storage space, or should it only be large enough to hold a few drinks? The choice is up to you. If you don’t have a large living room, it might be better to go with something smaller. That said, bigger is usually better since the extra table space will give you more options regarding how to use it.

However, there’s still such a thing as too big when it comes to end tables. If the table stretches out further than your couch or chair, it’ll look out of place. Plus, you’ll run the risk of bumping into it when going to your seat. When searching for end tables for sale online, it’s crucial to know your size restraints before you browse. That way, you can ensure your new table will perfectly fit your current space before it even gets there.

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