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How To Use Accent Chairs To Bring Color to a Living Space

How To Use Accent Chairs To Bring Color to a Living Space

Interior design is something that’s truly different for everyone. While there is always a current trend that many people follow, we all have our individual preferences when it comes to what we like best for our homes. Regardless of what kinds of styles we’re into, most of us can come to an agreement when a room just doesn’t have enough color. Even though some of us might prefer that, a good majority of us don’t.

Fortunately, there are many ways to fix a lack of color in your home. The main one we want to focus on today is how to use an accent chair to bring to your living space. We’ll cover some of the other techniques as well, but the right accent chair can make a huge difference in the perception of your room.

Accent Chairs

Let’s start with the accent chairs. These aren’t just any old recliners, but rather chairs that use a bold color scheme or pattern to stand out from typical seating options. Usually, they focus more on style than comfort, but that doesn’t mean accent chairs can’t be cozy. They don’t have to be costly, either. Inexpensive accent chairs are easy to find online. Without further ado, though, let’s get into what you can do with your accent chairs to bring color to your living space.

Accentuate the Rest of the Room

No matter how bland your current room is, the right accent chair can really pop within that type of environment. Generally, you’ll want to find a chair that already matches other aspects of your room. Maybe it’s a stripped pattern you have on your other furniture or a color that combines well with the other tones of the room.

If you want to really make your room stand out, you should pick an accent chair that doesn’t match anything you have. The clash of a bright, vivid chair in a room full of basic colors can make the rest of the room feel much more alive. Regardless of which direction you choose, this accent chair will help your room look much more colorful.

Use It as a Guide for a Redesign

Despite the effectiveness of a single accent chair, a small change like that isn’t enough for some people. Sometimes, you need to redesign the whole room to get the full effect. If you decide to go this route, you should use the accent chair as a guide for the rest of the furniture in the room.

Accent chairs are the only thing that can use vibrant colors or patterns. Many couches and loveseats utilize much more lively hues in their standard designs these days. That means you can find other pieces of furniture that will match the design of your eccentric accent chair—or at least one that’ll come close.

Combine It With Other Recolor Techniques

Of course, buying all new furniture to match an accent chair can be an expensive endeavor. Luckily, there’s another option that won’t involve a total redesign. Instead, you can buy slipcovers for your preexisting furniture that you have in the dull room.

These slipcovers can make your old, boring furniture look like new. Plus, many manufacturers that make slipcovers offer them in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and materials, making it even easier to match your new accent chair.

If slipcovers aren’t for you, reupholstery of your current furniture is another option. It will cost a bit more, but it’s a more permanent fix than putting a cover over your furniture. On top of that, there are usually even more upholstery options than ones you’d typically find for slipcovers.

Walls and Windows

Even though there are a surprising amount of options on what you can do with an accent chair to improve the color scheme of a room, it’s not the only thing you can utilize. The walls and windows that are already in your living area offer a wealth of options as well.

Recolor the Walls

Your walls might not be the focal point of your living room, but they have a huge impact on how the rest of the space looks. If you had all-white furniture but decided to paint the walls blue, it would change the entire dynamic of your design. Your room would no longer look as plain as it did before.

That means painting the walls is a great option for livening up your living space. If you don’t want to paint all of your walls an extravagant color, though, you can do an accent wall instead. This is when you paint one wall a more vibrant color and leave all the other ones with something a bit more neutral. This has the same effect as an accent chair, so combining these two techniques can lead to some outstanding results.

Open Up the Windows

Windows can be another great way to bring some life to your living room. Opening them up accomplishes two things. The first is that it lets in more natural light. Sunlight can help highlight the colors already in your room by making them brighter and more dynamic.

The other thing that open windows can do is as some additional colors. Anything you can see outside your window can now be a part of your living room. The openings act as murals for the outside world, only they’re so much better since it’s the real thing.

Flooring Options

Of course, if changing your walls can dramatically affect your home’s color scheme, so can your floors. A lot of the time, a dreary carpet can make a room look so much more boring than it really is. That’s why you need to do something about this.

Change Out Your Floors

When it comes to flooring, there are so many options for you to choose from. Carpeting, tile, and wood floors are some of the most common choices people go with. Even though carpets and tiles have the most variety when it comes to color and patterns, people can’t seem to get enough of the wood flooring they can have in their living rooms. There’s just something about the natural look that it gives that helps it make a room feel so alive.

Utilize Colorful Rugs

Since reflooring your entire living room can be costly, we wanted to leave you with one last option. The right rug can really make a room seem more colorful. The options for colors and styles are near endless with rugs, and you can place them anywhere—even on carpeting. If you want a quick fix that won’t cost too much, rugs are the best way to go.

How To Use Accent Chairs To Bring Color to a Living Space
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