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A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Dressers

A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Dressers

Do you ever wish for a better way to organize your wardrobe but feel overwhelmed by all the options? Don’t worry! We’ll go over the different types of dressers you can choose for your home. With this guide, you’ll be able to narrow your search. Then, your decision will be much easier while looking through our selection of affordable dressers for sale at Click N Furnish.

Short Dresser

This traditional and popular dresser typically features a horizontal design with three to six drawers. A short dresser is worth considering if you’re looking to give your bedroom a classic touch.

Tall Dresser

The tall dresser is sometimes called a chest of drawers or a piece of highboy furniture. These dressers are known for their vertical design, offering several rows of drawers in a smaller footprint than the standard dresser. If you lack floor space, the tall dresser might be the perfect solution to open up your room and store your clothes.

Combo Dresser

If you want a bit of everything, a combo dresser combines multiple storage solutions into one piece of furniture. This design often includes the design aspects of a short and tall dresser, providing a mix of drawers and cabinets for you to use. Sometimes, combo dressers can include a small wardrobe space for hanging clothes. They are excellent for small bedrooms or people who need versatile storage options, so dressers are worth considering.

Double Dresser

If you have a lot of clothes, live with a partner, or need more storage, a double dresser might be the perfect choice. This piece features two sets of drawers side-by-side, providing ample space for your wardrobe. Double dressers work well in primary bedrooms or shared spaces where two people need storage solutions.

Media Dresser

The media dresser differentiates itself significantly from the other types in this guide. This modern addition is making waves in interior design. It features open shelving and storage for electronic devices, such as a TV, gaming console, or DVD player. Some have built-in wire management systems to keep your cords organized and out of sight. They also have plenty of drawers for clothing. If you want a dresser that can do it all, a media dresser will hit the mark for you.

Mirrored Dresser

The mirrored dresser adds a touch of glam and functionality to your bedroom. As the name suggests, these pieces feature large mirrors on top or incorporated into the structure. A mirrored dresser can serve as a storage solution and a vanity, saving space and making outfit changes quick and easy.

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