A Quick Guide to Decorating Your Bedroom Dressers
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A Quick Guide to Decorating Your Bedroom Dressers

A Quick Guide to Decorating Your Bedroom Dressers

Whether it’s the master bedroom or your child’s nursery, there’s a good chance that you have a dresser in that room. If not, you’re probably looking for a quality bedroom dresser for sale to add to it. Either way, the dresser is one of the most overlooked pieces of furniture when it comes to interior design in the bedroom. If you’d like to fix that, this brief guide covering the basics of decorating your bedroom dressers will be quite useful to you.

Add a Lamp

The first thing all dressers should have is a small lamp. Seeing everything that’s inside your drawers can sometimes be a challenge. This is especially true if it’s early in the morning and you don’t want to turn on the main light and wake up anyone still sleeping in the room. Adding a tabletop lamp to your dresser is a good way to be able to remedy this issue.

If you don’t want a lamp on top of your dresser, you can opt for a floor lamp instead. These can work even better than the smaller variety if they have directional reading lamps attached to them. Either way, a tabletop or floor lamp will help your dresser look much better when the lights are on and illuminate its unique design.

Putt Up a Mirror

Even though a well-placed lamp will make your clothes easier to see, it won’t help you know how good they look while wearing them. That’s why you need to put up a mirror if your dresser doesn’t already have one.

You can either get a mirror that attaches directly to your dresser or one that hangs up on the wall. Regardless of the type you purchase, it’ll make it much easier to figure out what you should wear every day. Plus, it’ll help make your room appear to be much larger than it actually is.

Set Out Some Pictures

While looking at yourself in the mirror is important, some people prefer to look at their loved ones while getting ready in the morning. Some people do it for the boost of motivation it gives them to make it through the day, while others do it simply to start their morning with a smile. Regardless of the reason, if you want to try it out, it’ll help liven up your dresser quite a bit.

Get a Miscellaneous Bowl

The last item in our guide that should help decorate your bedroom dresser quite nicely is a small bowl that’s pleasing to the eye. While decorative pieces like these can make any space look better, these bowls have a dual purpose.

It’s no secret that many of our dressers are full of miscellaneous items. Keys and wallets are just a few examples, but the list could go on. No matter what kind of small items you keep on your dresser, this bowl will be a good spot to place all of them. Not only will this help keep you organized, but it’ll make your dresser top look much cleaner and more organized.

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