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6 Novel Places To Put Benches in Your Home

6 Novel Places To Put Benches in Your Home

Let’s face it—we all love experimenting with our living spaces by adding unique and unexpected elements. Well, if you’re looking to add some surprises to your home, we have some novel places to put benches in your home that just might do the trick. Decorating with benches can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, and the unconventional placement of these versatile pieces can make them centerpieces in your home.

An Enchanting Entryway

One of the best-kept secrets is how transforming a simple bench can be when it comes to designing a welcoming entrance. Forget the traditional hall tree, and try placing a stunning living room accent bench right in your entryway! Add some accent throw pillows, a cozy blanket, and voila! Your once-dull entryway will be a place where friends and family will feel instantly at ease. Plus, it’ll be a great place to put on your shoes.

A Relaxing Reading Nook

Imagine curling up in a cozy corner with your favorite book and a steaming cup of tea. To create this inviting reading nook, simply tuck a comfy bench under a windowsill or in an unused corner of your bedroom, library, or living room. Add some decorative cushions for a personal touch, and you’ll have the perfect escape for those solitary moments to recharge.

A Breakfast Bar

If you really want to get unconventional, consider ditching your traditional bar stools for benches. Placing a bench on one side of your kitchen island or counter offers a unique look. It also provides more seating for friends and family to gather for a delicious home-cooked meal. Just make sure you get one that’s tall enough to reach.

A Blissful Bathroom

You might raise an eyebrow at the idea of adding a bench to your bathroom, but trust us—it’s a game changer. Benches provide a functional yet stylish seating option for pampering yourself or simply unwinding after a tiring day. Just make sure you choose a bench that can withstand the humidity of a bathroom environment.

A Gallery Wall

If you have a gallery in your home, putting a bench up against a wall can be a clever approach to create extra seating and tie the entire room together. Let your creativity run wild by picking a bench that complements your artwork, or consider a seat cushion with a bold pattern that makes everything look more cohesive.

A Balcony Retreat

Finally, the last novel place you can put a bench in your home is actually outside of it. With the addition of a simple bench, you can transform your balcony into a serene retreat. Whether you have a sprawling terrace or a petite patio, a bench can serve as the perfect piece of furniture to create a calming oasis. Decorate it with plush outdoor pillows and throws, and you’ll create an idyllic spot for reading, sipping coffee, or simply appreciating the outdoors. Don’t forget to choose a weather-resistant bench so that it can withstand the elements.

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