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Proudly serving south Georgia and north Florida

Protection Plans


5 Year Product Protection Warranty!*

*Available on all purchases at the time of purchase- Please contact us for details

We will repair or replace the Covered Product, at Our discretion, when required due to:

Mechanical and structural breakdowns to fabric, leather, vinyl upholstery or solid surface furniture as a result of:

  • Breakage of frames, panels or springs.
  • Breakage of sleeper, recliner, lifting, heating and/or vibrating mechanisms.
  • Failure of integral electrical components.
  • Lifting or incident-specific chipping of veneers or laminates exposing the substrate.
  • Warping.
  • Loss of silvering on mirrors.
  • Fading from the sun.

A specific post-delivery incident which occurs during normal residential use resulting in accidental damage, including:

  • All stains, including dye bleed and dye transfer onto or into upholstery fabric, leather or vinyl.
  • Punctures, rips or burns.
  • Liquid marks or rings.
  • Household heat marks.
  • Gouges, dents, scratches or chips that penetrate the finish exposing the substrate.

  • Damage caused by nail polish remover.

  • Checking, cracking, bubbling or peeling of finish caused by a specific incident.
  • Glass or mirror chipping, breakage or scratches.

  • Seam separation caused by a specific incident.
  • Pet damage - single incident only.